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The Truth About Dryer Vent Cleaning

What most people don’t know is that there home dryer requires routine maintenance in order to function properly and avoid fire hazards.The Fire Dept. recommends dryer vent cleaning at least once a year and also say that dryer fires are the most common form of house fires with over 15,000 annually.We at Northstar Appliance Repair feel it’s our responsibility to inform all ours customers and as much of the general public as possible about the dangers of dryer fires.Most appliance field technicians would agree that throughout the course of doing dryer repair have noticed burnt lint inside the unit confirming a dryer fire had once occurred and went unnoticed.The longer u have went without getting this service done the more likely this is too have happened.All it takes is the right piece of lint to ignite and spread before burning out again the longer you have went without this service the more likely your dryer is to ignite and stay light.

Signs of dryer fire dangers:dryer vent cleaning palm beach gardens, appliance repair

1) Long Dryer times (2-3 times to dry small load)

2) Dryer Hot to the touch

3) Condensation buildup in dryer

4) Burn Smell

5) Lint buildup in and around dryer

Benefits of dryer vent  cleaning:

1) Saved energy resulting in lower energy cost

2) Piece of mind knowing your home is safe

3) Shorter dry times resulting in faster more efficient laundry days.

What separates our dryer vent cleanings from our competition:

We at Northstar Appliance Repair go above and beyond to ensure the safety and efficiency of the dryer. Some of the things we do are as follows: we make sure your vent is cleaned by doing several cycles of cleaning and by performing a dryer airflow test. We also replace the dryer duct and vacuum out the dryer completely.We recommend dryer lubrications services, which includes oiling motor, rollers, bearing etc.when needed to avoid dryer repairs.

Right now we are offering our complete Dryer Ventilation Restoration Services for a special low price of $165.00 which includes the following:

1) Dryer vent cleaning (Up to 12ft)

2) Dryer duct Replacement (Flame resistant duct extra)

3) Complete disassemble and cleaning of blower house exhaust vent

4) Cleaning and oiling of rollers

5) Lubrication service(bearings,pulley,rollers etc)



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 Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services 

NorthStar Appliance Repair Technicians have all the necessary equipment and training to properly perform Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in a quick and easy fasion. The process is as follows:

  • Using special air powered instruments, the Dryer is precisely cleaned of all accumulated lint and debris
  • Flexible air rods and brushes are inserted inside the Dryer Vent line and run the full length of the line. This loosens lint from the vent line walls.
  • We then use a large commercial vacuum to draw out all of the lint and debris from the Dryers Vent Line.
  • Re-assembly of all components is performed; the Dryer is turned on and inspected.
Call NorthStar Appliance Repair to schedule your Dryer Vent Cleaning. It can improve the efficiency of your Dryer and most importantly, prevent a fire in your home. For more information about fires resulting from clogged dryer vents go to fema.gov.

Dryer-Vent-Cleaning-coupon-UpdatedDryer Vent Cleaning Professionals

NorthStar Appliance Repair is the most trusted company for Dryer Vent Cleaning Services. Every day, more and more people realize the importance of maintaining their Dryer Vent Clean. The buildup of lint in your Dryer lint trap and your Dryer vent hose is the greatest fire hazard you will have in your home. In fact, firefighters say that the most common type of house fires they fight are Dryer fires caused by lint buildup. While shorts and high load on the electrical components cause some of the Dryer fires, the underlying cause of these problems is a buildup of lint, especially in the vent and the lint trap. Call Today And Schedule Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Service With NorthStar Appliance Repair. (561) 855-2607



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